Our Mission

To create passionate, compelling and successful promotional campaigns for our clients. Whether your aim is to grow your business, attract the best employees or raise awareness to a global issue, we believe that the most effective approach is to offer customers authentic story telling. That is why we tell your story through the people that work for you.

Our Method

We believe in the power of 'authentic marketing' and we apply this ethos to the work we produce. All our productions go through the same procedure:

  1. Understanding your goals -Through in-person conversations we spend the time to truly understand your goals and how best to achieve them.
  2. Understanding you -  We want to know as much as we can about you because the more we know, the more your video will have the authentic feel which we are known for. We like to visit your premises, talk to your employees and work with you to choose the right people to speak for your organization.
  3. Concept - Our marketing consultant and director will discuss with you the concept and make sure it is brand specific and optimised to your satisfaction.
  4. Shooting - With the relationships formed with your employees from previous meetings, we are able to shoot in an authentic and professional way.
  5. Editing -  Conversations between us will ensure that our concept is as impactful as we envisaged.
  6. Delivery - The finalised video will be delivered to you in multiple formats  and optimised for several platforms (e.g. websites, youtube, Instagram).
  7. Impact support - Our marketing consultant will be at hand to give you any necessary guidance for how to utilise our videos to their maximum potential. 

Who We Are